The Parkrose Neighborhood Association strives to build community through events, activities and meetings that inform, connect and empower. Parkrose Neighborhood is the seat of the Parkrose School District and hosts a diverse population. The neighborhood is proud of its agricultural history—it is the home of Rossi Farms (—and supports business endeavors from Sandy Boulevard to Marine Drive.

Thanks to the volunteers who helped us map, measure, and identify every street tree in our neighborhood. Watch this website for news of when Urban Forestry will present its findings.

Thanks for joining us for National Night Out on Wednesday, August 5 at Parkrose High School! Your great turnout made this event a success.

Any questions about the Parkrose Neighborhood Association can be sent to:


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Sep 1, 2015

Call for Submission of articles and ads for the October Quarterly East Portland Neighborhood Association News newsletter. Articles and photos are due on or before Friday, Sept 4th at 5:00 p.m.

Aug 20, 2015

Free summer events aren't over yet, but East Portlanders have been working hard on pulling off some great community-building, fun-filled events! Enjoy these photos!

Jun 30, 2015

Parkrose Neighborhood Association is working on completing their "Tree Inventory" -- and planning a National Night Out event in August. Here are the details:

Oct 26, 2015, 7:00 pm
Russellville Grange, 12105 NE Prescott St.